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By purchasing the WEBWISE ONLINE DISCOUNTSĀ VIP MEMBERSHIP, you agree to the fullĀ terms of serviceĀ andĀ privacy policyĀ of our website. You also agree to enroll in our monthly, automatically billed WEBWISE ONLINE DISCOUNTS VIP MEMBERSHIP where you will be billed $29.99 per month (every 30 days). Your membership will begin upon receipt of access to our WEBWISE ONLINE DISCOUNTS VIP MEMBERSHIP. Upon receiving access, your credit card will then be automatically charged the full membership price of $29.99 and you will be given full access to the WEBWISE ONLINE DISCOUNTS VIP MEMBERSHIP as described on our website unless you take action to cancel your membership.

The purchase of this product serves as your affirmatively obtained explicit consent to enroll into the WEBWISE ONLINE DISCOUNTSĀ VIP Membership.

After your purchase, you will receive an email confirming your enrollment into our VIP Membership Club. You will be automatically charged $29.99 for each recurring monthly payment (every 30 days), which will provide you with full access to the benefits of WEBWISE ONLINE DISCOUNTS VIP MEMBERSHIP until you cancel.

If you would like to cancel your membership, please callĀ +1 (800) 474-1756Ā or contact us via email at support@webwiseonlinediscounts.comĀ to cancel your membership.Ā You may cancel your membership at any time.

Charges will appear as WEBWISE ONLINE DISCOUNTSĀ on your payment statement.


$29.99/Month (every 30 days) until you cancel. Cancel any time.


FREE priority delivery for all future products that are purchased after your enrollment in our VIP Membership.

Exclusive deals and discounts on popular products.

Early access to new product offerings at high discounts before anyone else.

Lowest price guarantee on all products. Find a product that you like on our website at a lower price anywhere else? We will beat that price GUARANTEED.


Cancel your membership any time by callingĀ +1 (800) 474-1756Ā or by contacting us via email atĀ